Long term plan paralyzes you

Long term plan paralyzes you

I am a very boring guy. I plan everything, work, rest, relations, fun… It helps me to put my thoughts together and somehow to organize the chaos that happens.

But today, planning played against me.

At the moment I am writing this it is the last day of the summer. And just an hour ago, I was planning what I want to do and accomplish this Autumn.

As usually have a pretty clear idea of what do I want to accomplish.

I got stuck.

I had no idea what I gotta do to get there. There wasn’t a clear path. It was unusual, awkward, confusing…

For the last couple of months, everything changes to fast that I can’t predict what I will be up to in a month ahead.

But then I realized.

I have a clear goal.

I know the next step.

That’s enough!

You don’t need to see the whole ladder to make the next step.

It was foolish for me to try to figure out all the steps. I would never start.

The growth is about doing things you haven’t done before.

So why the heck you expect knowing what to do if you weren’t there.

There is no reason for stressing about it since you can see only a couple of steps ahead.

Don’t let the unknown stop you.

Have a clear goal in mind.

Figure out the next step.


The rest will appear as you go.

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