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The non-tech founder's SaaS App Feature Guide

Shape up your SaaS idea and define its features to make your future app aligned with your vision, business goals, and budget.

The non-tech founder's SaaS App Feature Guide

Why you need shape your idea

Developers and designers can build anything. The question is, does it do what you need.

👉 You are the one who best understands the problem and solution, but your ability to communicate your vision to designers and developers will ultimately determine your product's success.

Well-defined features and architecture of SaaS Application will help you save time, money, and deliver a better product.

This guide there to help you organize your SaaS idea to convey it accurately to developers and designers.

By completing this guide, you will:

  • CheckmarkCreate a well-defined specification to convey your idea to devs and designers
  • CheckmarkOrganize your SaaS idea and vision
  • CheckmarkDefine app features and architecture
  • CheckmarkBetter understand your potential customers and their needs
  • CheckmarkUnderstand how your future app gonna work

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