Why are you disappointed with people?

Why are you disappointed with people?

You may be wondering why people sometimes don’t meet your expectations.

It can be an employee not completing the task or a freelancer breaking deadlines.

Here is the lesson I learned from my first hire.

Last week I expirience a very unpleasant situation. For some reason guy with whom I work wasn’t getting the job done the way I wanted it to be.

Because of this, I had to stay late nights, finishing up his work to meet my clients’ deadlines.

This state of thing drove me crazy. I was so angry that I was ready to write hatred directly into slack (forcing notification :)).

Fortunately, I am not so stupid that I will afford to be reactive or take any severe decision in a state of anger.

For a couple of days, I wondered what could be the reason for this situation.

Maybe I just made a wrong hire?

Should I fire him and get back to doing everything by myself?

Maybe hiring isn’t for me?

I am lucky enough to notice this negative self-talk and shut it up. I reminded myself that the state of things is entirely the result of my actions or inaction.

I looked for the answer in me.

And it came up.

There is no way people can meet your expectations if they don’t know what those expectations are!

I didn’t set clear expectations!

Even though I was angry at him, the next day I either didn’t say anything to him, hoping it won’t repeat or made a vague notice not to hurt his feelings.

Once again, the reason was in me :)

At the time I am writing this, I haven’t yet talked with him about the expectations. But it looks like a solution.

This expirience is very valuable for me and emphasize the importance of communication.

The lessons I learned from this:

  • State your expectations clearly.
  • Don’t you happy about something? Chances are reason in your actions or inaction.

Hope this raw and honest story can help you with similar situations you face in your life : )

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