Chasing “new” ideas fools you

Chasing “new” ideas fools you

I’ve never read any book twice until recently.

Always in a rush for the “new” ideas and information.

I was binge-listening to podcasts, reading books, articles…

It feels good because you feel smart.

But what I recently got is that it doesn’t matter how many new ideas you learn. But what sticks with you and how you implement your learnings.

It looks obvious, but for some reason, I overlooked this.

Taking action is what makes the difference. Even if a book gives you only a new perspective, you gotta make a conscious effort to adopt a new mindset and not fall to the old way of thinking.

“You can’t read about push-ups. You gotta do them.”

- Gary Vaynerchuk

I don’t mean that learning is a waste of time. Education is crucial. We need to be careful to keep the balance of consuming new ideas and doing.

We often already know what we gotta do. But we hide under the “I need to learn more” to avoid doing an uncomfortable and scary work.

Act of doing a new, scary, and uncomfortable work is learning by itself.

You learn along the way. You truly learn.

Be careful and do you work :)

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