I help Entrepreneurs build SaaS and Internet-Powered Business

Hey! I am Vova Pilipchatin, a freelance Software Engineer. I help business owners to get from an idea to launch their digital product or internet-powred business.

In my blog, you can find stories and lessons from my entrepreneurial journey.

How I can help you

I know that field of software development is complicated and a tough spot to be in if you are a non-tech founder.

In the noise of new technologies, it is easy to forget that building software tools is an investment! And investment should have a positive ROI.

So I will help you to get through complexity and uncertainty, define a clear roadmap, and launch your saas solution.

Solution Architecture

Solution Development

What I have done

It is what my clients say about my work:

“I have spent over $100,000 in developers and out sourcing assisting. This guy is on the top of my list and I hope to work with him for years to come! Truly an asset to any business.”
- Daniel Kuperhand, CEO of Real Estate Agency, NY

“It was great working with Mykola. He did extremely high quality work and went above and beyond on our project. He will take your idea and make it happen. Very professional. Will hire again for sure.”
- Ariel Mickenzy, CEO of SaaS Justaskme and Wiperts, NY

Coming soon...

Platform to help influencers monetize their expertise and raise funds.

Project Discovery
Solution Architecture
Web App Development
Stripe Payment Integration
Blog Development


Digital Privacy Management Web App. Take care of private data collected by services like Google, Facebook, Twitter...

Project Discovery
Solution Architecture
Web App Development
Blog Development

Real Estate Agency Automation

Web application for smart matching customer requests and realities. Auto email and SMS notifications. A platform for combining data from 2 CRM systems.

Project Discovery
Solution Architecture
Web App Development


In my blog, I regularly share my stories from the entrepreneurial journey. I am an avid learner and developing my skills in business, marketing, and software product building. So you can find plenty of posts in my blog on these topics.

Some of my writings were featured in major Medium’s publications like:

Chasing “new” ideas fools you

It doesn’t matter how much you learn

Why are you disappointed with people?

The lesson I learned from my first hire.

Long term plan paralyzes you

The dark side of planning

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